Krishna with Gopikas on a boat

Brand: Navin PB - Mural Paintings
Product Code: MP06
Availability: Made to Order

Rs 30,000.00

An enchanting depiction of Krishna, Radha and Gopikas on a boat. Lush detailing make all of nature, tree, waters, bird and fish, come alive. The faces of Krishna, Radha and the Gopikas are beutiful and pleasing, and never fades from one's mind, the hallmark of Artist, Navin.

An excellent wall piece for your home, and an equally special gift.

Artist: Navin P B from Kerala, who does murals in temples.

Packaging and Delivery

Mural Paintings are done on Canvas and are rolled and packed into a tube for delivery. This piece does not include the frame. Framing can be done by us on request. This painting can also be done using Natural colours on wood. Can also be done in other dimensions on request.


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