Annapakshi Vilakku

Brand: Mannar Bronze
Product Code: B01
Availability: Made to Order

Rs 5,000.00

Annapakshi is a bird resembling a peacock, that is said to be mystical white colored birds that live in heaven, known for its purity. Divinity, purity, prosperity and beauty are all words that are used to describe this Indian mythological bird – Annapakshi.

Lighting of this lamp at special occassions brings in positive energy. Placing this lamp at your entrance brings peace, grace and harmony to the surroundings, and simply looks beautiful.

About the Lamp

Our lamps are made using Bronze, in perfect proportion.

Annapakshmi lamp is available online from our store in 3 standard heights, 3 feet, 4 feet and 5 feet.

The lamp comes dismantled in order to package, and can be reassmebled easily.


This lamp is meant for lighting for occassions. After lighting, you can rub tamarind to bring the shine back, and clean. Once in 5 years, you can use special powders for cleaning brass / bronze items to bring the shine back.


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