Vastu Vilakku in Panchaloha

Brand: Mannar Bronze
Product Code: BB03
Availability: Made to Order

Rs 5,000.00

Vastu Vilakku in Panchaloha is a Lamp that is designed, developed and patented by PRM Lakshmana Iyer Associates, who have over a Century of experience in high quality Bronze casting.


The following is the meaning of the Vastu Vilakku.


The revolutionary product Vasthu Vilaku is designed according to the traditional Vastu Shastra by visualizing all the five elements determining Vastu, called Aadhara Sakthi, Moola prakriti, Aadhi Kurmam, Ananthan and Prithvi (Earth).The belief is that Ananthan (Sarpam) is carrying the Earth. Since snake forms cannot be included in a lamp the same is represented by “Pavithra Kettu” in front of the lamp. The lamp is made in Panchaloha kootu – Gold, Silver, Copper, Tin, Iron, which when lighted before sunrise is believed to eradicate vastu dosha and other shortcomings happened during construction of the house.The Lamp comes in four sizes based in “kol” measurement used for measuring Earth. One Kol is equivalent to 72 cms. The Vastu Vilakku is made in 24cm, 36cm, 54cm and 72cm. 


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