Wooden Fruit Bowl Chequered Net - Teak Rosewood and Mahogany

Brand: Kumars Wood Joinery Crafts
Product Code: SHB1
Availability: Made to Order

Rs 5,700.00

Pluck fruits from nature at your home, in a Fruit Bowl made with blocks of Teak wood, Rosewood and Mahogany cut and joined together in perfection, to form an exquisite Bowl.

The chequered pattern is made with alternating Teak and Rosewood pieces with gaps left in perfect contrast.

This bowl is made exclusively by Kumars, by cutting blocks of same sizes of solid wood of Teak wood, Rosewood and Mahogany. They are then arranged alternatively and joined together by an exclusive joinery method, and then the shape is perfected using a lathe. The wood is not painted and what you see is the natural colour of wood. The joinery is strong. Each of these wood is matured and stands the test of time.


A style statement in itself.

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