Making of a Kerala Mural Painting

in Indian Crafts

Mural painting was traditionally done on walls of temples. It follows a long process of preparing the wall for the painting, extracting dyes from leaves, flowers and vegetables after sun drying them for days, and applying each layered coat of painting, and giving time before the next coat. These days Mural painting using natural dyes can be done on wooded planks and transported. They are also done using Acrylic paints on canvas. 

Here is how a Mural Painting is done on Canvas.

1. After the Mural Painting is conceptualised and drawn out with pencil on canvas, it is prepared with shades of yellow.


2. The first set of colours are filled in a certain prescribed order.


3. The darker shades are filled last and that completes the Mural painting.


A Mural Painting has a lot of visualisation, theory, vastu principles and rules that are learnt over years by the artist. There are proportions that human body and face is to follow, and rules for the skin colours for various mythological characters. An artist does innovations within these traditional boundaries, that gives a unique and mesmerising feel to Kerala Mural Paintings. 

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